Zulu Dawn


Movie Info

Title Zulu Dawn

Year 1979

Director Douglas Hickox

GenreDrama, History, War, Adventure

Top 11 Quotes of “Zulu Dawn” Movie

“- Lt. Melvill: You didn’t really have to choose between your country and the Zulu, did you?
– Lt. Vereker: Um, and a damn close thing it was too.”

James Faulkner – Lt. Melvill
Simon Ward – Lt. Vereker

“I’ll get you a medal for modesty, Private Williams, would you like that?”

Bob Hoskins – C.S.M. Williams

“- Col. Hamilton-Brown: My men haven’t eaten since yesterday and there won’t be any supplies until I get them back to Isandhlwana.
– Lord Chelmsford: Then they can start off now and you can join them when you’ve eaten.
– Col. Hamilton-Brown: Kind of you, My Lord, but I don’t think it would be proper for me to sit at your table, they with their…”

Nigel Davenport – Col. Hamilton-Brown
Peter O’Toole – Lord Chelmsford

“- Zulu messenger: I bring greetings from your friends the British and from the great Lord Chelmsford.
– Cetshwayo: And what do your masters say?
– Zulu messenger: They are angry and send these demands. They say that you rule in old ways that are wrong; that you kill your people without trial.”

Simon Sabela – Cetshwayo

“Well fought, gentlemen. It’s time to save the colours.” Denholm Elliott – Col. Pulleine

“- Boy Pullen: You are afeared of the Zulus then, Quartermaster?
– Q.S.M. Bloomfield: One Zulu is only one man… and I’m afeared of no one man… but the Zulu, they come in the thousands… like a black wave of death… in the thousands… and them assegais… stabbing!”

Phil Daniels – Boy Pullen
Peter Vaughan – Q.S.M. Bloomfield

“Cetshwayo’s Zulu army to disband and the warriors permitted to return to their homes.” John Mills – Sir Henry Bartle Frere

“- Lord Chelmsford: For a savage, as for a child, chastisement is sometimes a kindness.
– Sir Henry Bartle Frere: Let us hope, General, that this will be the final solution to the Zulu problem.”

Peter O’Toole – Lord Chelmsford
John Mills – Sir Henry Bartle Frere

“We come here by the orders of the Great Queen Victoria, Queen of all Africa.” James Faulkner – Lt. Melvill

“Excuse me, my Lord, there’s something I must convey to you. I rode along the track down to Rorke’s Drift. The sky above is red with fire. Your orders my Lord? Do we move to the drift?” Michael Jayston – Col. Crealock

The Battle of Isandhlwana was recorded in history as the worst defeat ever inflicted on a modern army by native troops. In parliament, upon the downfall of his government, British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, asked the question: “Who are these Zulus, who are these remarkable people who defeat our generals, convert our bishops and who on…