Zorro’s Black Whip


Movie Info

Title Zorro’s Black Whip

Year 1944

Directors Spencer Gordon Bennet,Wallace Grissell


Top 5 Quotes of “Zorro’s Black Whip” Movie

“The outlaws went too far when they stole federal funds from my bank. I telegraphed Washington and there’s a federal commissioner on his way to take charge of things until we hold the statehood election.”

John Hamilton – Mr. Walsh – Banker [Chs.1-3,10-12]

“- Dan Hammond: She’s the Black Whip!
– Baxter – Henchman: She couldn’t be! The Black Whip has got to be a man! He’s out-shot us, out-rode us, and out-fought us. He’s stopped us at every turn!” Francis McDonald – Dan Hammond
Hal Taliaferro – Baxter – Henchman

“It ain’t so easy to stop a gold rush.”

Hal Taliaferro – Baxter – Henchman

“I’m marshal here, but my authority ends at the edge of town. There’s no one to fight the outlaws outside the township unless he’s got nerve enough to do it on his own hook – like the Black Whip!” Jack Kirk – Marshal Wetherby

“Looting, arson, murder – it’s going on all over this territory. Immigrants crossing our borders are being attacked and slaughtered. My stages are beind held up almost every run. No man’s life or property is safe and not a hand is being raised to put a stop to it!” Francis McDonald – Dan Hammond