Movie Info

Title Zodiac

Year 2007

Director David Fincher

GenreDrama, History, Crime

Top 5 Quotes of “Zodiac” Movie

“- Inspector Dave Toschi: Hey, how do we know that this lead is real?
– Inspector William Armstrong: It’s very real. How do I know? Because I saw it on TV.”

Mark Ruffalo – Inspector David Toschi
Anthony Edwards – Inspector William Armstrong

“Do you know more people die in the East Bay commute every three months than that idiot ever killed? He offed a few citizens, wrote a few letters, then faded into footnote.” Robert Downey Jr. – Paul Avery

“Robert Graysmith: just because you can’t prove it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”

Jake Gyllenhaal – Robert Graysmith

– Paul Avery: What’s your angle, here? This is good business for everyone but you.
– Robert Graysmith: What do you mean, “angle”?.

Robert Downey Jr. – Paul Avery
Jake Gyllenhaal – Robert Graysmith

“The Most Dangerous Game”. It was my favorite book in high school. It’s about this man who waits for these people to get shipwrecked on this island. Because he was tired of hunting animals, he hunted the people for the challenge.

John Carroll Lynch – Arthur Leigh Allen