Movie Info

Title Zathura

Original title Zathura: A Space Adventure

Year 2005

Director Jon Favreau

GenreSci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Action

Top 7 Quotes of “Zathura” Movie

“- Danny: Your’re gonna leave us alone in this creepy old house?
– Dad: It’s not creepy, it’s old.
– Walter: I like mom’s better.
– Dad: Well, so did she and now it’s hers.”

Jonah Bobo – Danny
Tim Robbins – Dad
Josh Hutcherson -Walter

“- Danny: I’m hungry. Can you make me some macaroni-and-cheese?
– Walter: Don’t know how.
– Danny: What do you know how to make?
– Walter: Water.”

Jonah Bobo – Danny
Josh Hutcherson – Walter

“- Danny: Wanna play Stratego?
– Walter: No, you always cheat at board games.
– Danny: But you can’t even cheat at Stratego!
– Walter: Trust me, you’ll find a way.”

Jonah Bobo – Danny
Josh Hutcherson – Walter

“- Dad: I have to work.
– Walter: But it’s Saturday!
– Dad: Tell me about it.”

Tim Robbins – Dad
Josh Hutcherson – Walter

“- Danny: Can’t we watch ‘SpongeBob’? You used to like it.
– Walter: Times change.”

Jonah Bobo – Danny
Josh Hutcherson – Walter

“Attention space-adventurers, Zathura awaits. Do you have what it takes to navigate the galaxy? It’s not for the faint of heart, for once you embark upon your journey there’s no turning back until Zathura’s reached. Pieces reset at the end of each game. Play again and again for different adventures.” Josh Hutcherson – Walter

“I’m your brother. And that’s what being a brother means. Means I’ll never let anything happen to you.” Josh Hutcherson – Walter