Z for Zachariah

Plot – A woman is convinced to be the only survivor of a global catastrophe. Then she meets a scientist,but their special relationship is then destabilized by another survivor.

Movie Info

Title Z for Zachariah

Year 2015

Director Craig Zobel

GenreDrama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Top 5 Quotes of “Z for Zachariah” Movie

“This valley survived like you and I did because we have faith.” Chris Pine – Caleb

“- Ann Burden: Really mean something that you’re thinking long term for us? I want things to be good between us.
– John Loomis: That’s okay because we’ve got time.”

Margot Robbie – Ann Burden
Chiwetel Ejiofor – John Loomis

“I ain’t seen anyone alive for over a year. My dad told us, we can’t leave the valley. As long as we stay here, we’d be protected.”

Margot Robbie – Ann Burden

“There’s gotta be an explanation. It’s just crazy that this is still here.” Chiwetel Ejiofor – John Loomis

“- John Loomis: Why are you doing the work by hand? You can’t drive this?
– Ann Burden: It ran out of gas. Pumps don’t run without electricity.
– John Loomis: No, you can get it to work manually.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor – John Loomis
Margot Robbie – Ann Burden