Yours, Mine and Ours


Plot – Frank and Helen meet again after thirty years and immediately they realize they are still in love, so they decide to marry. No one opposes except their 18 children. Cohabitation is forced between the two families and the guys plan to foil the wedding.

Movie Info

Title Yours, Mine and Ours

Original title Yours, Mine & Ours

Year 2005

Director Raja Gosnell


Top 5 Quotes of “Yours, Mine and Ours” Movie

“Homes are for free expression, not for good impression.”
Rene Russo – Helen North

“- Ethan Beardsley: Admiral, is this lady going to be our new mommy?
– Frank Beardsley: I don’t think so. It’s just a blind date.
– Otter Beardsley: She can’t see?
– Ely Beardsley: Can she navigate using sonar? Like a bat?”
Ty Panitz – Ethan Beardsley

Dennis Quaid – Frank Beardsley

Bridger Palmer – Otter Beardsley

Brecken Palmer – Ely Beardsley

“- Frank Beardsley: Occasionally. A little pat on the butt sends a clear message.
– Helen North: Well you’re not spanking my children.
– Frank Beardsley: I thought they were our children.
– Helen North: You’re not spanking our children.
– Frank Beardsley: Okay, fine. Let’s just let them all run naked and wild.”
Dennis Quaid – Frank Beardsley

Rene Russo – Helen North

“- Frank Beardsley: William, what have you got there?
– William Beardsley: Academy applications, S.A.T. forms, Capital Summer Hill entry forms, and the number of the girl two houses down.
– Frank Beardsley: Outstanding!”
Dennis Quaid – Frank Beardsley

Sean Faris – William Beardsley

“- Marisa North, Bina North: He’s painting our roses again!
– Dylan North: It’s art.
– Jimi North: You can’t call it art unless you have talent.”
Jessica Habib – Marisa North

Jennifer Habib – Bina North

Drake Bell – Dylan North

Little JJ – Jimi North