Plot – Despite Dean Youngblood works in his father’s small farm, he dreams to become an ice hockey’s champion. His eldest brother, who is already famous in the ice hockey’s scene, convinces the father to let Dean go to town. Dean is signed by a Canadian society that noticed his potential. Here, the guy has to deal with the pranks of the teammates and has to face the violent opposition of the biggest one, but he gradually gets appreciated for his talent and dedication.

Movie Info

Title Youngblood

Year 1986

Director Peter Markle


Top 4 Quotes of “Youngblood” Movie

“- Kelly Youngblood: Would you rather spread manure, or play hockey in Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 people?
– Dean Youngblood: Spread manure.
– Kelly Youngblood: You candy ass!”
Jim Youngs – Kelly Youngblood

Rob Lowe – Dean Youngblood

“One period left. One period away from winning it all or losing to these miserable hackers with their shit-eating grins and their Saturday night wrestling tactics. One period away from remembering something for the rest of your life or something you wanna forget.”
Ed Lauter – Murray Chadwick

“I don’t give a shit where I play as long as I go number one in the draft and I sign the biggest contract I can. I’ve been busting my ass in this league for four years, and I’m gonna get what’s coming to me.”
Patrick Swayze – Derek Sutton

“I think all hockey players should know how to read and write.”
Cynthia Gibb – Jessie Chadwick