Young Mr. Lincoln


Plot – Young Abraham Lincoln would like to be a lawyer. He’s shy and he’s saddened to leave his hometown, but he moves to Springfield and opens a law office when his girlfriend dies. Soon he works on a case defending two brothers charged with the murder of a guy who had harassed their sister. They claim to be innocent and after an impassioned speech he unmasks the culprit.

Movie Info

Title Young Mr. Lincoln

Year 1939

Director John Ford


Top 3 Quotes of “Young Mr. Lincoln” Movie

“I may not know much of law Mr. Felder, but I know what’s right and what’s wrong. And I know what you’re asking is wrong.”

Henry Fonda – Abraham Lincoln

“We seem to lose our heads in times like this. We do things together that we’d be mighty ashamed to do by ourselves!”
Henry Fonda – Abraham Lincoln

“- Prosecutore John Felder: Mr. Lincoln should know that the mere fact that a prospective juror knows counsel for the state does not disqualify him.
– Abraham Lincoln: I know that, John. What I’m afraid of is that some of the jurors might not know you… and that’d put me at a great disadvantage.”

Donald Meek – Prosecutor John Felder

Henry Fonda – Abraham Lincoln