Young Adult


Movie Info

Title Young Adult

Year 2011

Director Jason Reitman


Top 13 Quotes of “Young Adult” Movie

“- Mavis Gary: You’re the hate crime guy. Oh my God, why didn’t you just say that? Now I know who you are. Matt, the hate crime guy.
– Matt Freehauf: Yes, Mavis. When when we were seniors a bunch of jocks who thought I was gay jumped me in the woods.”
Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

Patton Oswalt – Matt Freehauf

“I didn’t invite you. My wife did. Beth practically forced me to call you. She feels sorry for you. We all do, Mavis. It’s obvious you’re having some mental sickness, some depression. You’re very lonely and confused. So Beth made me invite you here even though I knew it was a mistake. I knew it.”

Patrick Wilson – Buddy Slade

“Mary Ellen, you were great tonight. It’s so inspiring to see a single mother with so much confidence on stage. Really.”
Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

“- Mavis Gary: Yeah, but most people here seem so happy with so little. It’s like they don’t even seem to care what happens to them.
– Sandra Freehauf: That’s because it doesn’t matter what happens to them. They’re nothing. Might as well die.”
Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

Collette Wolfe – Sandra Freehauf

“- Matt Freehauf: Buddy is a married man. By all accounts, happily.
– Mavis Gary: Yeah, happily married men go to bars alone with their ex-girlfriends all the time. They call them privately and they make out with them on porches.”
Patton Oswalt – Matt Freehauf

Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

“It’s funny how those initial instincts can be so right, you know? I mean, you make all these mistakes along the way, but the world will make sure you end up with the person you’re meant to be with.”
Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

“It’s really difficult for me to be happy. And then for other people it just seems so simple. They just grow up and they’re so fulfilled.”
Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

“What about now? You hate me now? Cause it should be easy because I fucking hate you.”

Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

“Sometimes in order to heal a few people have to get hurt.”
Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

“- David Gary: I hope you’re eating enough in the city.
– Hedda Gary: You gotta start taking care of yourself, sweetie.
– David Gary: You know, Lean Cuisine is not a meal.
– Mavis Gary: Yeah, I think I might be an alcoholic.”
Richard Bekins – David Gary

Jill Eikenberry – Hedda Gary

Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

“Guys like me are born loving women like you.”

Patton Oswalt – Matt Freehauf

“- Mavis Gary: I’m going to a rock concert with an old flame and I think there is a chance we may reconnect.
– Sales Lady: Let’s show him what he’s been missing.
– Mavis Gary: No, he’s seen me recently. He knows. But his wife hasn’t seen me in a while, so.”
Charlize Theron – Mavis Gary

Elizabeth Ward Land – Sales Lady

“- Wheelchair Mike: Anyway, the kids are great. Work is a trip but I play hard too. I’ve been doing a lot of rock climbing.
– Matt Freehauf: You mean rock crawling, right?
– Wheelchair Mike: No I’m vertical, bro, believe it or not. We can do anything a normal can do. Probably more, because we’ve had to reboot for extra positivity. You know what…”

John Forest – Wheelchair Mike

Patton Oswalt – Matt Freehauf