You So Crazy


Movie Info

Title You So Crazy

Year 1994

Director Thomas Schlamme


Top 4 Quotes of “You So Crazy” Movie

“There better not be a black person in here that says they don’t know nobody in jail… cuz that’s bullshit. RayRay, Earl, Craig, Shorty Tim, Lil’ Reg, all them motherfuckers in jail… Shonda’s little brother… all of ’em, in jail… chillin’.”
Martin Lawrence – Martin Lawrence

“Lion’s looking for some courage… Tin Man’s looking for a heart… Ain’t none of them lookin’ for some pussy, and they skippin’ down the street with a bitch!”

Martin Lawrence – Martin Lawrence

“Yo, yo man, what up! Yeah, just got into this little thing with her, right? Yeah, we broke up… come get a nigga! Get me up out! Yeah, bitch went crazy, I’m sayin’ trippin’ like a muthafucka but I’m cool… you know. So, yeah, cool… Okay, bring the truck cuz I got a lotta shit… cool!”

Martin Lawrence – Martin Lawrence

“Go head on, with yo’ fat-apple-pie ass, Aunt Bea!”
Martin Lawrence – Martin Lawrence