You Got Served


Plot – Elgin and David are best friends and members of a street dancers group who pick up some money with bettings. The two are also drug dealers. David falls in love with Liyah, Elgin’s sister, but his friend doesn’t approve and at the same time he’s robbed the money he has to return to the boss. A challenge against a group of strong white guys is the opportunity to scrape together the needed nest egg. The prize is fifty thousand dollars.

Movie Info

Title You Got Served

Year 2004

Director Christopher B. Stokes


Top 5 Quotes of “You Got Served” Movie

“This feud is stupid, selfish, and it affects a lot of people!”

Jennifer Freeman – Liyah

“You’re just mad… ’cause tonight you suckers got served!”

Omarion Grandberry – David

Let me tell you somethin’ my father told me, is: “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger”.
Steve Harvey – Mr. Rad

– Beautifull: Who you blowing your horn at? We are ladies, ok? You are supposed to say, “Excuse me, miss”.
– Liyah: It’s David.
– Beautifull: I know.
– David: Excuse me, Miss. How are you?
– Beautifull: Now you see? That was much better.
Meagan Good – Beautifull

Jennifer Freeman – Liyah

Omarion Grandberry – David

“DJ, drop it like it’s hot!”
Lil’ Kim – Lil’ Kim