Yor, the Hunter from the Future


Movie Info

Title Yor, the Hunter from the Future

Original title Il mondo di Yor

Year 1983

Director Antonio Margheriti


Top 4 Quotes of “Yor, the Hunter from the Future” Movie

“- Ukan: Throw him off the cliff! Hurry!
– Kalaa: No!
– Ukan: The gods must be appeased with fresh blood!”
Aytekin Akkaya – Ukan

Corinne Cléry – Kalaa

“- Pag: It is too late. He has defeated you in battle. Ka-Laa belongs to him now. It is the law of our village.
– Yor: I’m not from your village, Pag! I don’t recognize your laws!”
Luciano Pigozzi – Pag

Reb Brown – Yor

“- Kalaa: I’ll go look for them. The meat is burning.
– Pag: It’s your jealousy that’s burning. Among our people, a man can have many wives, so why can’t Yor have two?”

Corinne Cléry – Kalaa

Luciano Pigozzi – Pag

“- Yor: The blood of your enemy makes you stronger. Drink!
– Pag: I’d rather stay weak.”
Reb Brown – Yor

Luciano Pigozzi – Pag