Year of the Dragon


Plot – Following the murder of the local underworld leader Jackie Wong, police captain and Vietnam veteran Stanley White is appointed to investigate a series of crimes committed in New York’s Chinatown and attributed to gangs of young criminals. Still resentful for the American failure in Asia and still full of indiscriminate and visceral hatred towards the “slanty eyes”, White agrees to thoroughly clean the neighborhood, no holds barred. He believes he can make use of the help of beautiful and daring television journalist Tracy Tzu, daughter of a Sino-Dutch couple, and therefore half “yellow”, who, on the other hand, claims the independence of her profession.

Movie Info

Title Year of the Dragon

Year 1985

Director Michael Cimino


Top 7 Quotes of “Year of the Dragon” Movie

“The first time I saw you, I hated your guts. I think I even hated you before I met you. I hated you on TV. I hated you in Vietnam. You want to know what’s destroying this country? It’s not booze. It’s not drugs. It’s TV. It’s media. It’s people like you.”

Mickey Rourke – Stanley White

“I hate the way you make your living sticking microphones in people’s faces. You lie every night at 6:00. I hate the way you kill real feelings. I hate everything that you stand for. Most of all, I haterichkids and I hate this place. So why do I want to fuck you so bad?”

Mickey Rourke – Stanley White

“- Tracy Tzu: You’re acting like a child.
– Stanley White: Well, a great man is one who in manhood still keeps the heart of a child.”
Ariane – Tracy Tzu

Mickey Rourke – Stanley White

“- Louis Bukowski: You care too much, Stanley.
– Stanley White: How can anybody care too much?”
Raymond J. Barry – Louis Bukowski

Mickey Rourke – Stanley White

“- Tracy Tzu: Do you think this killing means there’s some kind of war going on in the Chinatown Tongs?
– William McKenna: No, I don’t. This is basically a situation where the youth gangs are lashing out at the establishment. The community is cooperating. The situation’s under control.”

Ariane – Tracy Tzu

Eddie Jones – William McKenna

“Dollars are like small fish: difficult to catch, but not to be thrown back except as bait for something bigger.”
John Lone – Joey Tai

“- Stanley White: You were right, I was wrong. Sorry. I’d like to be a nice guy. I would. I just don’t know how to be nice.
– Tracy Tzu: You’re really cracked, you know that?”

Mickey Rourke – Stanley White

Ariane – Tracy Tzu