Plot – Cyclops,Storm and Jean Grey are the sons of the atom,the missing link in the evolutionary chain. They all have a special power due to a genetic mutation: Cyclops emits an energy ray from the eyes able to dig a hole in the mountains. Jean has a telepathic and telekinetic strength. Storm can change the weather. Despite the X-men have to face those who don’t accept their differences,thanks to Professor Charles Xavier they learned how to use their powers to help humanity. Their next battle is against Magneto,a professor’s old friend and colleague who believes that humans and mutants can’t live together. According to him,mutants are the inheritors of the future.

Movie Info

Title X-Men

Year 2000

Director Bryan Singer

GenreSci-Fi, Adventure, Action

Top 29 Quotes of “X-Men” Movie

“- Rogue: I need a ride, I thought you could help me. I don’t have any money. Could you give me a lift to the next town or…
– Logan: Get out!
– Rogue: But we’re in the middle of nowhere. Where am I supposed to go?
– Logan: I don’t know.
– Rogue: You don’t know, or you don’t care?
– Logan: Pick one!”

Anna Paquin – Rogue
Hugh Jackman – Logan

“- Rogue: It’s nothing personal. It’s just that, when people touch my skin, something happens.
– Logan: What?
– Rogue: I don’t know, they just get hurt.” Anna Paquin – Rogue
Hugh Jackman – Logan

“- Logan: Everybody get out of here!
– Storm: Why?
– Logan: I can’t move.” Hugh Jackman – Logan
Halle Berry – Storm

“- Cyclops: He’s not one of us. There’s no way he’s going to take orders.
– Professor Charles Xavier: Give him an order worth following. He’ll take it.” James Marsden – Cyclops
Sir Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier

“- Wolverine: So read my mind.
– Jean Grey: I’d rather not.
– Wolverine: C’mon. You afraid you might like it?
– Jean Grey: I doubt it.” Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
Famke Janssen – Jean Grey

“Are you a God-fearing man? That is such a strange phrase. I’ve always thought of God as a teacher; a bringer of light, wisdom, and understanding. You see, I think what you really fear is me. Me and my kind.” Sir Ian McKellen – Magneto

“Mankind has always feared what it doesn’t understand.”

Sir Ian McKellen – Magneto

“Here’s a girl in Illinois who can walk through walls. Now what’s to stop her from walking into a bank vault, or the White House, or into their houses?” Bruce Davison – Senator Kelly

“- Rogue: The first boy I ever kissed ended up in a coma for three weeks. I can still feel him inside my head. It’s the same with you.
– Wolverine: There’s not many people that’ll understand what you’re going through. But I think this guy, Xavier, is one of them. He seems to genuinely want to help you. And that’s a rare thing, for people like us.” Anna Paquin – Rogue
Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

“- Wolverine: Hey! It’s me.
– Cyclops: Prove it!
– Wolverine: You’re a dick.
– Cyclops: Okay.” Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
James Marsden – Cyclops

“Still unwilling to make sacrifices. That’s what makes you weak.” Sir Ian McKellen – Magneto

“- Wolverine: There is a war coming. Are you sure you’re on the right side?
– Storm: At least I’ve chosen a side.”

Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
Halle Berry – Storm

“Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.”

Sir Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier

“- Professor Charles Xavier: Where are you going?
– Wolverine: To find her.
– Storm: How?
– Wolverine: The traditional way!”

Sir Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier
Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
Halle Berry – Storm

“- Rogue: Niagra Falls… up the Canadian Rockies, and then… it’s only a few hundred miles to Anchorage.
– Rogue’s Boyfriend: Won’t it be kinda cold?
– Rogue: That’s the point, stupid, otherwise it wouldn’t be an adventure!” Anna Paquin – Rogue
Shawn Roberts – Rogue’s Boyfriend

“- Storm: Help us! Fight with us!
– Logan: Fight with you! Join the team? Be an X-Man? Who the hell do you think you are? You’re a mutant. The whole world out there is full of people who hate and fear you and you’re wasting your time trying to protect them? I’ve got better things to do!”

Halle Berry – Storm
Hugh Jackman – Logan

“- Logan: There’s someone here.
– Cyclops: Where?
– Logan: I don’t know. Keep your eye open.”

Hugh Jackman – Logan
James Marsden – Cyclops

“- Rogue: When they come out… does it hurt?
– Wolverine: Every time.” Anna Paquin – Rogue
Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

“- Magneto: You know this plastic prison of theirs won’t hold me forever. The war is still coming. And I intend to fight it, by any means necessary.
– Professor Charles Xavier: And I will always be there, old friend.” Sir Ian McKellen – Magneto
Sir Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier

“- Magneto: America was going to be the land of tolerance. Peace.
– Rogue: Are you going to kill me?
– Magneto: Yes.
– Rogue: Why?
– Magneto: Because there is no land of tolerance. There is no peace. Not here, or anywhere else.”

Sir Ian McKellen – Magneto
Anna Paquin – Rogue

“- Magneto: Does it ever wake you in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day they will pass that foolish law or one just like it, and come for you? And your children?
– Professor Charles Xavier: It does, indeed.
– Magneto: What do you do, when you wake up to that?
– Professor Charles Xavier: I feel a great swell of pity for the poor…”

Sir Ian McKellen – Magneto
Sir Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier

“- Magneto: Why do you come here, Charles?
– Professor Charles Xavier: Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer?
– Magneto: Ah, yes. Your continuing search for hope.”

Sir Ian McKellen – Magneto
Sir Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier

“- Wolverine: You going to tell me to stay away from your girl?
– Cyclops: If I had to do that, she wouldn’t be my girl.”

Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
James Marsden – Cyclops

“- Logan: Fair enough. So, what kind of name is Rogue?
– Rogue: I don’t know. What kind of name is Wolverine?
– Logan: My name is Logan.
– Rogue: Marie.”

Hugh Jackman – Logan
Anna Paquin – Rogue

“- Wolverine: You actually go outside in these things?
– Cyclops: Well, what would you prefer, yellow spandex?” Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
James Marsden – Cyclops

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