Wyatt Earp

Plot – Since he was a boy,Wyatt has learnt to respect the law and the sense of family. He emigrates with his brothers James,Virgil,Morgan and Warren to California,then he settles in Missouri,he studies law and marries Urilla,who dies of typhus while she’s pregnant. Wyatt throws himself in alcohol and ends up in jail,then he works as a buffalo hunter and becomes sheriff in Dodge City,making friendship with Doc Holliday. As Wyatt is excessively harsh,he’s dismessed. In Tombstone he meets a young Jewish actress,Josie. Facing Clanton and McLaury’s gangs – who are cattle ranchers who want to control the area – Virgil dies and Mogan and Doc are injured. During the trial,Wyatt is acquitted but the rest of the gang kills Morgan in revenge. Now the killers want to murder Wyatt as well but together with Doc he vanquishes them all. Finally,Josie convinces Wyatt to move once more to start a family with her.

Movie Info

Title Wyatt Earp

Year 1994

Director Lawrence Kasdan

GenreDrama, Biography, Adventure

Top 18 Quotes of “Wyatt Earp” Movie

“Wyatt, you ever wonder why we been a part of so many unfortunate incidents, yet we’re still walking around? I have figured it out. It’s nothing much, just luck. And you know why it’s nothing much Wyatt? Because it doesn’t matter much whether we are here today or not. I wake up every morning looking in the face of Death, and you know what? He…”

Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“You take on a job, you finish it. Any man who can’t be depended on steady, ain’t worth the trouble of having around.”

Gene Hackman – Nicholas Earp

“- Warren Earp: Wyatt, you’re still a marshal around here, aren’t you?
– Doc Holliday: Sure. But now he’s going to be a marshal and an outlaw. Best of both worlds, son.”

Jim Caviezel – Warren Earp
Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“Dave Rutabaugh is an ignorant scoundrel! I disapprove of his very existence. I considered ending it myself on several occasions but self-control got the better of me.”

Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“- Wyatt Earp: What’s wrong with you?
– Doc Holliday: What is wrong with me? What have you got? I am dying of tuberculosis. I sleep with the nastiest whore in Kansas. Everyone who knows me hates me, and every morning I wake up surprised that I have to spend another day in this piss-hole world.”

Kevin Costner – Wyatt Earp
Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“You’d be doing me a favor if you called me Wyatt or Earp, but not both.”

Kevin Costner – Wyatt Earp

“Mister, I’ve been in a really bad mood for the last few years, so I’d appreciate it if you’d just leave me alone.”

Kevin Costner – Wyatt Earp

“- Frank McLaury: You’re first on my list Holiday. Spend the rest of your time expecting to see me.
– Doc Holiday: McLaury, seeing you would be a nice change. I understand most of your enemies got it in the back.”

Rex Linn – Frank McLaury
Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“All of you can kiss my rebel dick.”

Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“My mama always told me never put off till tomorrow people you can kill today.”

Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“You have robbed the people of Tombstone of a precious resource. Fred White was a brave lawman, a loving husband and father, a loyal friend and a good man which you, Curly Bill Brocius, are not.”

John Lawlor – Judge Spicer

“Mr. Clements, your men respect you and I don’t want to do anything to take away from that. I’m sure you’ve earned it. So you and your boys are welcome in Dodge City, so long as you obey the law. But if you don’t want to cooperate, I’m gonna open you up right now with this shotgun so wide, your whole crew is gonna see what you had for breakfast….”

Kevin Costner – Wyatt Earp

“Go back to your Jew whore.” Mare Winningham – Mattie Blaylock

“- Wyatt Earp: Not everyone who knows you hates you, Doc.
– Doc Holliday: I know it’s not always easy being my friend, but I’ll be there when you need me.”

Kevin Costner – Wyatt Earp
Dennis Quaid – Doc Holliday

“Nothing counts so much as blood. The rest are just strangers.”

Gene Hackman – Nicholas Earp

“- Josie Marcus: It wouldn’t be right for me to marry you anyways.
– Sheriff Johnny Behan: Why not?
– Josie Marcus: Well, it’s not that I don’t love you, I don’t even like you.”

Joanna Going – Josie Marcus
Mark Harmon – Sheriff Johnny Behan

“- Bessie Earp: We are your wives. Don’t we ever count more than the damn brothers?
– Wyatt Earp: No, Bessie, you don’t. Wives come and go, that’s the plain truth of it. They run off. They die.”

JoBeth Williams – Bessie Earp
Kevin Costner – Wyatt Earp

“Do you think you’re the first person to lose someone? That’s what life is all about, loss! But we don’t use it as an excuse to destroy ourselves. We go on, all of us.”

Gene Hackman – Nicholas Earp