Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

Plot – Frank’s conditioner is broken,so he refuges in a library but he’s sent away. Therefore,he goes to the cinema,where he meets Georgia. In the park,Frank meets Walt and together they go to a bar,where Elaine prepares them some sandwiches. It’s the 4th of July and Frank’s son should arrive to spend the day together,but he doesn’t show up. Frank and Walt go to see the fireworks and talk,then,as Elaine is leaving to marry a Marine,they go to say goodbye to her and prepare to go to a party. Walt goes to Frank’s house to pick him up,but he finds him dead.

Movie Info

Title Wrestling Ernest Hemingway

Year 1993

Director Randa Haines

GenreDrama, Romance

Top 10 Quotes of “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway” Movie

“- Frank: You don’t have that problem, pal?
– Walter: Which problem?
– Frank: With your cucumber.
– Walter: I don’t eat cucumbers, I always eat these bacon sandwiches.”

Richard Harris – Frank
Robert Duvall – Walter

“I’m sober enough to know I was drunk.”

Richard Harris – Frank

“- Walter: You have to pee too?
– Frank: I’m 75 years old. I always have to pee.”

Robert Duvall – Walter
Richard Harris – Frank

“You gotta have a partner to dance.”

Richard Harris – Frank

“- Frank: Take out your pecker and feed the Fish.
– Walter: What?
– Frank: Pee in the ocean.”

Richard Harris – Frank
Robert Duvall – Walter

“- Frank: She’s got a great backyard.
– Walter: I don’t know. I’ve never been to her house.
– Frank: She’s got a great ass.” Richard Harris – Frank
Robert Duvall – Walter

“- Frank: You never went skinny-dipping when you were a kid?
– Walter: Yes, but I wore a bathing suit.” Richard Harris – Frank
Robert Duvall – Walter

“You know, Walt, I’ve been married and divorced four times. I got lots of enemies, but I’m kind of short on friends.”

Richard Harris – Frank

“You answer questions that nobody asks. You’re a lot like a woman.” Richard Harris – Frank

“- Frank: I got a book and a bottle of whisky. I think I’ll take them to the park and see which one I finish first.
– Helen Cooney: I’ll bet on the bottle.
– Frank: I wouldn’t bet against you.”

Richard Harris – Frank
Shirley MacLaine – Helen Cooney