Wooly Boys


Movie Info

Title Wooly Boys

Year 2001

Director Leszek Burzynski


Top 6 Quotes of “Wooly Boys” Movie

“- Nurse: You wouldn’t shoot.
– Shuck: Lady, I castrate sheep with my teeth for a living.”

Marquetta Senters – Nurse
Kris Kristofferson – Shuck

– Charles: Where’s the bathroom? Or do you guys just open the door and pee?
– A.J. “Stoney” Stoneman: Down the hall, hang a left.
– Charles: Is there any soap?
– A.J. “Stoney” Stoneman: Why? Plan to pee on your hand?

Joseph Mazzello – Charles
Peter Fonda – A.J. “Stoney” Stoneman

– Sheriff Hank Dawson: So, where’s your uglier half?
– A.J. “Stoney” Stoneman: I left him out there to deal with Martinez.
– Sheriff Hank Dawson: I’m gonna have to drag my ass all the way up there to investigate a double homicide?
– A.J. “Stoney” Stoneman: A man can’t sit around all day drinking coffee.

Keith Carradine – Sheriff Hank Dawson
Peter Fonda – A.J. “Stoney” Stoneman

“This is just what my mom was afraid of: peer pressure. And it’s coming from my grandfather.”

Joseph Mazzello – Charles

“Drinkin’ under age, drivin’ without a license, now vandalism. You’re a bad influence, Stoney.”

Joseph Mazzello – Charles

“- Shuck: I wouldn’t make a lot of noise if I was you. You don’t want to alert Stoney of your leaving.
– Charles: As if he would care if I left.
– Shuck: What makes you think he don’t care?
– Charles: I don’t know… What would you call no contact for nine years?
– Shuck: I’d call it being a man of few words.”

Kris Kristofferson – Shuck
Joseph Mazzello – Charles