Plot – Four people are brutally murdered in a Los Angeles apartment. All the victims overdosed and the case seems easy,but then the agents discover John Holmes,the king of porn movies,is involved.

Movie Info

Title Wonderland

Year 2003

Director James Cox

GenreDrama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Top 3 Quotes of “Wonderland” Movie

“- Ron Launius: What the fuck am I going to do with a microwave?
– John Holmes: You can heat food with it.
– Ron Launius: The only thing I want to heat up right now is some dope.”

Josh Lucas – Ron Launius
Val Kilmer – John Holmes

“He’s dicking us around. A mile of dick and no balls.”

Ted Levine – Sam Nico

“- John Holmes: Where do you want to go?
– Dawn Schiller: Anywhere. Everywhere.”

Val Kilmer – John Holmes
Kate Bosworth – Dawn Schiller