Woman on Top

Plot – Isabelle and Toninho get married in Brazil but he betrays her. When Isabelle discovers it,she moves to San Francisco to live with her friend Monica. There Isabelle dedicates herself to cooking and she’s introduced to the director of a local television network. In a short time,Isabelle start conducting a TV program,but Toninho arrives suddenly. He visits Isabelle in the television offices and they cook together. They have success,then Isabelle resigns. Toninho reaches her at her house. Both promise to not leave each other anymore.

Movie Info

Title Woman on Top

Year 2000

Director Fina Torres

GenreComedy, Romance, Fantasy

Top 5 Quotes of “Woman on Top” Movie

“How could she? Squeezing her coconuts for all the world to see!” Murilo Benício – Toninho Oliveira

“- Toninho: Isabella, I swear on my mother’s grave, you are the only woman I ever loved.
– Isabella: Your mother is still alive.
– Toninho: That’s not the point.”

Murilo Benício – Toninho Oliveira
Penelope Cruz – Isabella Oliveira

“- Toninho: But she’s quite unique! She’s 5’10, braids, great legs and… she’s a man!
– Operator: In San Francisco, that is not unique!” Murilo Benício – Toninho Oliveira

“Melons are like boyfriends. Shall I tell you why? To get a single good one you must one hundred try.”

Harold Perrineau – Monica Jones

“When a man truly loves his wife, he never lets her catch him.”

Wagner Moura – Rafi