Woman in Gold

Plot – Maria Altmann is a Jewish woman and has fled from Vienna shortly after the arrival of the Nazis. The soldiers have looted her valuable painting of Gustav Klimt,which has later been returned to the Austrian government. Fifty years later,Maria challenges the authorities to get back the painting.

Movie Info

Title Woman in Gold

Year 2015

Director Simon Curtis

GenreDrama, History, Biography

Top 12 Quotes of “Woman in Gold” Movie

“My sister finally moves in with me. The problem is, she finally decides to do it when she’s dead.”

Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann

“Unlike Lot’s wife, I never looked back.”

Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann

“- Maria: I’ve finally returned to my quiet little life and begun to make peace with it.
– Randy: Say that again with conviction.
– Maria: Don’t be impertinent.”

Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann
Ryan Reynolds – Randol Schoenberg

“People forget, especially the young.”

Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann

“I don’t know if I have the strength to deal with these people, and I’ve only been here a day.”

Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann

“- Randol Schoenberg: It’s hard to believe Hitler once applied to be an art student here.
– Maria Altmann: I wish they’d have accepted him.”

Ryan Reynolds – Randol Schoenberg
Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann

“- Gustav Bloch-Bauer: And now… as you go… I ask you only one thing… my liebling.
– Young Maria Altmann: What is it, papa?
– Gustav Bloch-Bauer: Remember us.”

Allan Corduner – Gustav Bloch-Bauer
Helen Mirren – Young Maria Altmann

“If life is a race, you beat me to the finish. But if life is a boxing match, I’m the last one standing.”

Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann

“- Maria’s mom: You must live, Maria. You must move forward. There is no future here.
– Maria’s dad: And so, from now on, we speak in the language of your future.”

Nina Kunzendorf – Therese Bloch-Bauer
Allan Corduner – Gustav Bloch-Bauer

“I want to go to Austria sometime with my daughter – she loves kangaroos!”

John Guerrasio – Court House Employee

“When I was 15, I discovered my father was a Nazi, a firm supporter of the 3rd Reich. All my life I’ve been trying to make up for the sins of the father.”

Daniel Brühl – Hubertus Czernin

“- Maria Altmann: A week ago you weren’t even interested and now you’re all over me like a rash. What happened?
– Randol Schoenberg: Well, against my better judgment, I think I like you.”

Helen Mirren – Maria Altmann
Ryan Reynolds – Randol Schoenberg