Plot – A cop is assigned a bizarre case of murder. Apparently,animals are killing people. During the investigation,the police officer learns an Indian legend about wolves’ spirits.

Movie Info

Title Wolfen

Year 1981

Director Michael Wadleigh

GenreHorror, Thriller

Top 6 Quotes of “Wolfen” Movie

“- Dewey Wilson: They kill…
– Old Indian: The sick. The abandoned. Those who will not be missed.
– Dewey Wilson: More than that.
– Old Indian: They kill to survive. They kill to protect.” Albert Finney – Dewey Wilson
Dehl Berti – Old Indian

“They’re shiftless. They might be gods!” Dehl Berti – Old Indian

“- Rebecca Neff: I didn’t know he was back. I thought he retired, disabled, mental…?
– Warren: He had a lot of family problems, he started to drink a little too much, police work… piled up on him. He’s a good man, you’ll like him.” Diane Venora – Rebecca Neff
Dick O’Neill – Warren

“In arrogance man knows nothing of what exists. There exists on this earth such as we dare not imagine; life as certain as our death, life that will prey on us as surely as we prey on this earth.”

Albert Finney – Dewey Wilson

“It’s not wolves, it’s Wolfen. For 20,000 years Wilson, ten times your fucking Christian era, the skins and wolves and the great hunting nations, lived together, nature in balance. Then the slaughter came.”

Edward James Olmos – Eddie Holt

“- Dewey Wilson: They kill to protect family?
– Old Indian: In the end, it’s all for the hunting ground.”

Albert Finney – Dewey Wilson
Dehl Berti – Old Indian