Movie Info

Title Wizards

Year 1977

Director Ralph Bakshi

GenreSci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy, Animation

Top 5 Quotes of “Wizards” Movie

“You know, the world owes you much, kid. Even if we don’t take another step.” Bob Holt – Avatar

“- Fairy Child: Where’s daddy? What’s he doing?
– Fairy: He is guarding our home, son. There has been a war, and this land is lost.
– Fairy Child: Why can’t we fight and win, mommy?
– Fairy: Because they have weapons and technology. We just have love.”

Barbara Sloane – Fairy

“Brother, there is no need for me to destroy you. Surrender! Surrender your world!”

Steve Gravers – Blackwolf

“I have always been good, and could even… be better sometimes.”

Jesse Welles – Elinore

– Avatar: This “Peace” here, he knows every step to Scorch. I’ve promised him life without pain, life without fear…
– Weehawk: I still don’t trust him.

Bob Holt – Avatar
Richard Romanus – Weehawk