Plot – Rachel Lapp is a widow and decides to take her son Samuel to her sister’s house. Leaving their rural community in Pennsylvania,they stop at a station and Samuel assists to a barbaric murder in the toilets,committed by a black man who was fighting against another thug. Inspector John Book investigates and interrupts their journey: the police works hard because the killed man was an agent. Book shows the little witness hundreds of mugshots and Samuel identifies the criminal’s face on a poster at the police station: it’s McFee’s face,a Narcotics agent,who knows the boy witnessed the murder. McFee was leading illegal traffics together with the same head of the police district. McFee shoots Book,who flees in his car with Rachel and Samuel. Their only possibility is refuging in the Amish community.

Movie Info

Title Witness

Year 1985

Director Peter Weir

GenreDrama, Crime, Romance, Thriller

Top 8 Quotes of “Witness” Movie

“- Rachel: When can we leave the city?
– John Book: We’re trying to get this done as quickly as possible, then you can go. But Samuel’s probably gonna have to come back to testify. I’m sorry.
– Rachel: No, you are not, you are glad. Because now you have a witness.” Kelly McGillis – Rachel
Harrison Ford – John Book

“- Eli Lapp: You know these bad men by sight? You are able to look into their hearts and see this badness?
– Samuel: I can see what they do. I have seen it.
– Eli Lapp: And having seen you become one of them? Don’t you understand?” Jan Rubes – Eli Lapp
Lukas Haas – Samuel

“- Rachel: You have no right to keep us here.
– John Book: Yes I do. Your son’s a material witness to a homicide.
– Rachel: You don’t understand. We want nothing to do with your laws.
– John Book: Doesn’t surprise me. A lot of people I meet are like that.”

Kelly McGillis – Rachel
Harrison Ford – John Book

“What you take into your hands, you take into your heart.” Jan Rubes – Eli Lapp

“- Eli Lapp: This gun of the hand is for the taking of human life. We believe it is wrong to take a life. That is only for God. Many times wars have come and people have said to us: you must fight, you must kill, it is the only way to preserve the good. But Samuel, there’s never only one way. Remember that. Would you kill another man?
– Samuel: I…”

Jan Rubes – Eli Lapp
Lukas Haas – Samuel

“Samuel, this is a loaded gun. This is very dangerous. Never, ever touch a loaded gun. I’m gonna take the bullets out. Now it’s safe. I don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t mean to yell at you, I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Harrison Ford – John Book

“If we’d made love last night I’d have to stay. Or you’d have to leave.”

Harrison Ford – John Book

“- John Book: The man who was killed tonight was a policeman, and it’s my job to find out what happened. I want you to tell me everything you saw when you went into the bathroom.
– Samuel: There were two.
– John Book: There were two men?
– Samuel: I only saw one.”

Harrison Ford – John Book
Lukas Haas – Samuel