Without A Paddle

Plot – For Tom,Jerry and Dan,looking for a hidden treasure in the wilds of Oregon starts out as an adventurous canoe trip down the Columbia River,but quickly turns into an almost tragic experience. Among freaks of nature and evil persecutors,the three young friends must do whatever it takes to reach home safe and sound.

Movie Info

Title Without A Paddle

Original title Without a Paddle

Year 2004

Director Steven Brill

GenreComedy, Adventure, Mystery

Top 11 Quotes of “Without A Paddle” Movie

“- Dan Mott: Where are we?
– Jerry Conlaine: Corner of Bumfuck and You Got a Purty Mouth.”

Seth Green – Dan Mott
Matthew Lillard – Jerry Conlaine

“- Jerry Conlaine: Come on, Dan. It’s like when we’d jump off the railroad bridge into the river when we were kids. That was higher than this.
– Dan Mott: But I never did jump in the river! You guys always pushed me when I wasn’t looking!”

Matthew Lillard – Jerry Conlaine
Seth Green – Dan Mott

“The hills have gone gay.” Abraham Benrubi – Dennis

“- Jerry Conlaine: Well I was a boy scout. Tom, you were a boy scout, weren’t you?
– Tom Marshall: No, but I ate a brownie once.”

Matthew Lillard – Jerry Conlaine
Dax Shepard – Tom Marshall

“You can lose your money. You can spend all of it, and if you work hard, you get it all back. But if you waste your time, you’re never gonna get it back.”

Burt Reynolds – Del Knox

“[doing his best c3p0 voice] We are in serious trouble my friends. All data points to us being… how do you human’s say it? Completely screwed.”

Seth Green – Dan Mott

“Stay calm. Get in the fetal position. It won’t bother you if you’re in the fetal position… Abort the fetal position! It’s not working!” Dax Shepard – Tom Marshall

“- Jerry Conlaine: I about shit. Did you about shit?
– Tom Marshall: I about shit.
– Dan Mott: I did shit.” Matthew Lillard – Jerry Conlaine
Dax Shepard – Tom Marshall
Seth Green – Dan Mott

“- Dan Mott: The only chance we have to survive is to huddle together for warmth.
– Jerry Conlaine: I, for one, choose death.”

Seth Green – Dan Mott
Matthew Lillard – Jerry Conlaine

“- Dan Mott: What are you doing?
– Jerry Conlaine: Taking off my shoes.
– Dan Mott: Why?
– Jerry Conlaine: Because I run faster with no shoes.
– Dan Mott: You can’t out-run that bear!
– Jerry Conlaine: I don’t have to out-run the bear, I just have to out-run you!” Seth Green – Dan Mott
Matthew Lillard – Jerry Conlaine

“- Tom Marshall: So you’re saying you lost the map? You don’t have it?
– Jerry Conlaine: No, I’m saying I forgot to hold on to it while my ass was free-falling over a 100 foot waterfall.
– Tom Marshall: So you don’t have it?”

Dax Shepard – Tom Marshall
Matthew Lillard – Jerry Conlaine