Movie Info

Title Witchboard

Year 1986

Director Kevin Tenney

GenreHorror, Thriller, Mystery

Top 6 Quotes of “Witchboard” Movie

“- Brandon Sinclair: God why are we laughing?
– Jim Morar: It helps us forget how scared we are.”

Stephen Nichols – Brandon Sinclair
Todd Allen – Jim Morar

“Did he cry at the funeral? Face it Linda, the man has ice in his veins. I’ve known him since I was seven and I never seen him cry once… not for anybody or anything.” Stephen Nichols – Brandon Sinclair

“No wonder you’re a nervous wreck. You’re not going crazy. You’re just becoming a mother.” Todd Allen – Jim Morar

– Brandon Sinclair: Has Linda been acting strange lately? She hasn’t been to a single one of her classes all week.
– Jim Morar: What do you mean “strange”?
– Brandon Sinclair: Like nervous tension, insomnia, nausea, any kind of erratic behavior?
– Jim Morar: How did you know?
– Brandon Sinclair: She’s been swearing a lot. I think Linda’s been… Stephen Nichols – Brandon Sinclair
Todd Allen – Jim Morar

“She suspected something about David. She was gonna check on it. I think David killed her.” Stephen Nichols – Brandon Sinclair

“- Jim Morar: What’s our first move when we get there?
– Brandon Sinclair: The big bad public library.
– Jim Morar: Why?
– Brandon Sinclair: Why not?
– Jim Morar: Oh well, as long as you got a reason.” Todd Allen – Jim Morar
Stephen Nichols – Brandon Sinclair