Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies


Movie Info

Title Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies

Year 1999

Director Jack Sholder

GenreHorror, Fantasy

Top 5 Quotes of “Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies” Movie

“Everybody needs help… even the devil.”

Oleg Vidov – Osip

“- Tillaver : How does a week in the hole sound?
– The Djinn: A week, is that the best you got? I was once in a hole for 3000 years, this should be a breeze.” Tommy “Tiny” Lister – Tillaver
Andrew Divoff – The Djinn

“- Gregory: You won’t succeed.
– The Djinn: Who’s going to stop me?
– Gregory: God will stop you.
– The Djinn: God has nothing to do with this.
– Gregory: God has everything to do with this. Be gone, Satan!
– The Djinn: I think you have your demons mixed up, Father.”

Paul Johansson – Gregory
Andrew Divoff – The Djinn

“All right. I understand. You’ve had a tough day. I can see how this could get a little depressing in here, couldn’t it? This place isn’t exactly happy.” Andrew Divoff – The Djinn

“Evil never dies.”

Andrew Divoff – The Djinn