Wish Upon a Star

Plot – Alexia and Hayley Wheaton are sisters but they don’t get along. Alexia,the eldest one,loves deeply her boyfriend and her only concern is about dressing fashionably and following all the designers’ news creations. Hayley,the youngest one,is a keen student and she doesn’t seem interested in boys. Sometimes Hayley envies Alexia’s ease with guys,her frivolity and her light heartedness. One night,Hayley sees a falling star and makes the wish to become Alexia for one day. The next morning her wish comes true.

Movie Info

Title Wish Upon a Star

Year 1996

Director Blair Treu

GenreComedy, Family, Fantasy

Top 8 Quotes of “Wish Upon a Star” Movie

“You may have my body, breasts, and boyfriend, but you are not me.” Katherine Heigl – Alexia Wheaton

“We’re sisters. We’re a lot more alike than you think.”

Danielle Harris – Hayley Wheaton

“- Alexia: Is there anything else I should know about you? Other than that you’re a grungy, social outcast?
– Hayley: I’m not grungy. I just have my own style.
– Alexia: Oh, dirt under the fingernails is in? You won’t mind if I remove it, will you?”

Katherine Heigl – Alexia Wheaton
Danielle Harris – Hayley Wheaton

“- Alexia: Today is definitely day one.
– Hayley: Day one of what?
– Alexia: My diet. Oh, excuse me. I mean your diet. A fruit and veggie fast. You’re bloated.” Katherine Heigl – Alexia Wheaton
Danielle Harris – Hayley Wheaton

“- Caitlin Sheinbaum: I never said an open party, my parents will slaughter me.
– Sabrina: Well it’s a small price to pay when you consider what it’ll do for your social life.”

Ivey Lloyd – Caitlin Sheinbaum
January Sorensen – Sabrina

“- Alexia: You’re not going to let her go to school like that, are you?
– Ben Wheaton: Well, now, Alexia, I seem to recall seeing you in the same outfit a few months ago.
– Alexia: But it was Halloween!” Katherine Heigl – Alexia Wheaton
Scott Wilkinson – Ben Wheaton

“What next, Hayley? Are you gonna lose my virginity too?” Katherine Heigl – Alexia Wheaton

“- Alexia: Don’t you guys ever get tired of acting like snobs?
– Kazumi: Alex, we’re seniors. We’re supposed to live it up, we have parties, we use little weaklings like Caitlin.”

Katherine Heigl – Alexia Wheaton
Jacque Gray – Kazumi