Wise Guys

Plot – Two best friends,Harry Valentini – of Italian origin from Naples – and Moe Diestein – of Jewish-Italian origin – are small-time criminals in Jersey City. They make a living by doing small jobs for a local mafia boss,from house chores like grocery shopping and buying the newspaper to more risky things like personally testing the actual resistance of his flak jacket,or even starting his car to check that no bomb has been placed. They dream of starting their own business,an Italian-Jewish restaurant. Meanwhile,they get ordered to place a bet at a horse race and,ignoring their instructions,they take a chance and bet on the wrong horse thus loosing a fortune. Their punishment is to kill each other. However,they find out about the plot and they flee to Atlantic City in the Cadillac of a fearsome killer who,infuriated,wants his revenge. The two survive adventures,gags and tragicomic situations unscathed and actually with enough money to open their dreamed-of restaurant.

Movie Info

Title Wise Guys

Year 1986

Director Brian De Palma

GenreComedy, Crime

Top 3 Quotes of “Wise Guys” Movie

– Santo Ravallo: This is the strangest pillow case I’ve ever seen.
– Frank “The Fixer” Acavano: It’s my underwear, asshole! Tony Munafo – Santo Ravallo
Lou Albano – Frank ‘The Fixer’ Acavano

– Frank “The Fixer” Acavano: You’re exactly what I’m looking for, Dickface!
– Moe Dickstein: Please Frank, it’s Dickstein.
– Frank “The Fixer” Acavano: I’ll pick you up this afternoon, Dickhead!

Lou Albano – Frank ‘The Fixer’ Acavano
Joe Piscopo – Moe Dickstein

– Frank “The Fixer” Acavano: Let me waste ’em, Mr. Castelo!
– Anthony Castelo: Do we really hurt them by killing them?
– Louie Fontucci: It’s a good start.

Lou Albano – Frank ‘The Fixer’ Acavano
Dan Hedaya – Anthony Castelo
Frank Vincent – Louie Fontucci