Winter Kills

Plot – Us president Tim Keegan is killed in Philadelphia in 1960. 19 years later one of the alleged murderers is mysteriously killed and the case seems closed. Keegan’s brother Nick is invited to a talk show to talk about it. Nick discovers Tim was murdered because he had sided against his own family.

Movie Info

Title Winter Kills

Year 1979

Director William Richert

GenreDrama, Thriller

Top 4 Quotes of “Winter Kills” Movie

“I’m all that’s standing between you and darkest night, son. The other side of me, there’s chaos.”

John Huston – Pa Kegan

“- Nick Kegan: Why won’t you marry me?
– Yvette Malone: You hardly know me.
– Nick Kegan: We see each other, I talk to you all the time.”

Jeff Bridges – Nick Kegan
Belinda Bauer – Yvette Malone

“I got sixty million bucks riding on that ship, kiddo, and you leave her like a Friday-night hooker.”

John Huston – Pa Kegan

“Your father spent eleven million dollars to raise your brother up from a skirt-chasing college-boy to President of the United States. For twenty years he told him what to do and how and why he was gonna do it and what would happen when it was done. Your father put Tim in the White House – why? Because that’s where you can generate the most cash.”

Anthony Perkins – John Cerruti