Winning London

Plot – The twins Chloe and Riley Lawrence arrive in London to represent the States in a student conference. In the meantime,the girls play polo,go shopping,explore the most romantic places in the city and live experiences that make them grow wiser.

Movie Info

Title Winning London

Year 2001

Director Craig Shapiro

GenreComedy, Romance, Family

Top 4 Quotes of “Winning London” Movie

“This competition is very important to me. It’s not a play to play thing. It’s a play to win thing.”

Mary-Kate Olsen – Chloe Lawrence

“- Lord James Browning Jr.: Thanks for rescuing me tonight. I never get a chance to do this. I never got to be someone.
– Chloe Lawrence: You already are someone, I mean. Our parents got to be kids. Now it’s our turn.”

Jesse Spencer – Lord James Browning Jr.
Mary-Kate Olsen – Chloe Lawrence

“- Dylan: How do you score plottage like this?
– Chloe Lawrence: You achieve greatness and die.”

Eric Jungmann – Dylan
Mary-Kate Olsen – Chloe Lawrence

“- Chloe Lawrence: Sorry James, but, I play to win.
– Lord James Browning Jr.: You know, sometimes you win one thing, and you lose another.”

Mary-Kate Olsen – Chloe Lawrence
Jesse Spencer – Lord James Browning Jr.