Plot – During World War I,Jack and David enlist in the Air Force together. In France they meet Mary,a girl who drives the ambulance. One evening,during an emergency,David leaves for a mission but he’s shot down. Jack wants to avenge his friend and leaves too. He shots down a German plane but he will make a terrible discovery.

Movie Info

Title Wings

Year 1927

Directors William A. Wellman,Harry d’Abbadie d’Arrast

GenreDrama, Romance, War, Action

Top 2 Quotes of “Wings” Movie

“- Mary Preston: Do you know what you can do when you see a shooting star?
– Jack Powell: No, what?
– Mary Preston: You can kiss the girl you love.”

Clara Bow – Mary Preston
Charles “Buddy” Rogers – Jack Powell

“Luck or no luck, when your time comes, you’re going to get it.”

Gary Cooper – Cadet White