Plot – During World War II,the US Army decided to use the language of the Navajo Indians to encode secret messages to prevent decoding by the Japanese. The Japanese army in turn decided to capture Navajo soldiers to use them as translators. The Americans,having been informed of the possible attacks,assigned some Marines as bodyguards to the Navajos,with the order to kill them in case of danger. The film tells the story of the friendship between the Navajo soldier Ben Yazzie and Marine Sergeant Joe Enders,who will have to try hard not to let his friend fall into the hands of the Japanese army and to avoid the ultimate solution.

Movie Info

Title Windtalkers

Year 2002

Director John Woo

GenreDrama, War, Action

Top 3 Quotes of “Windtalkers” Movie

“- Ben Yahzee: This was suppose to be a secured area, what happened?
– Joe Enders: I killed him. I took a grenade, threw it in there and blew him up.” Adam Beach – Ben Yahzee
Nicolas Cage – Joe Enders

“Remember Marine, ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die. Semper Fi. Over.”

Adam Beach – Ben Yahzee

“- Joe Enders: You think too much.
– Chick: First time I’ve ever been accused of that.”

Nicolas Cage – Joe Enders
Noah Emmerich – Chick