Movie Info

Title Wind

Year 1992

Director Carroll Ballard

GenreDrama, Sport, Action

Top 7 Quotes of “Wind” Movie

“Gentlemen, you are all in a line of elite men, great men, who have defended the world’s most enduring sporting record. It’s an honor to know you, it’s an honor to sail with you. Tradition has it that the first American skipper to ever loose the Cup will replace it with his own head in the trophy case. Gentlemen, my head is in your hands. Please…” Cliff Robertson – Morgan Weld

“- Will Parker: My God, we’ll never catch them now!
– Kate Bass: We have to put up the whomper!
– Will Parker: The what?
– Kate Bass: The whomper! We’re going to put it up, it’s going to be whomp, and we are going to get back in the God damn race… do you trust me you pea-brain nincompoop?”

Matthew Modine – Will Parker
Jennifer Grey – Kate Bass

“- Will Parker: Are you expecting anybody?
– Joe Heiser: Well, it might be the IRS.
– Will Parker: Maybe its the Australians coming to spy on us!” Matthew Modine – Will Parker
Stellan Skarsgård – Joe Heiser

“Everyone wants it easy today Will. And the reason we don’t have the Cup, is that we don’t deserve to have the Cup.”

Cliff Robertson – Morgan Weld

“We’re out in the desert, so bring some beer!”

Matthew Modine – Will Parker

“Well, don’t worry about it. I mean, what could happen? Of course, my design could have a few flaws. And after a few weeks, Will and I discover we hate each other. Abigail proves to be the flake of the century; she can’t raise a dime. A giant sandstorm comes along, knocks this place over, we go broke, the IRS throws us in jail. The State…” Stellan Skarsgård – Joe Heiser

“- Will Parker: What’s wrong with perfection?
– Joe Heiser: Nothing, if you’re God, and you’re prepared to wait 500 million years for it to evole. But we have to start building this boat next week.”

Matthew Modine – Will Parker
Stellan Skarsgård – Joe Heiser