Wind River


Plot – Cory Lambert, an expert hunter, discovers the frozen body of a teenage girl. Teaming up with Jane Banner, a new FBI agent, they will try to find out what could have happened to the girl and identify the brutal killer. As the investigation gets more and more complicated, the two will have to deal with dangerous situations that will put their life at risk.

Movie Info

Title Wind River

Year 2017

Director Taylor Sheridan


Top 5 Quotes of “Wind River” Movie

“- Casey: Sorry, dad.
– Cory Lambert: Hey, what’s the rule, bud, okay? A gun’s always loaded, even if it ain’t. Right?
– Casey: Yes.”
Teo Briones – Casey

Jeremy Renner – Cory Lambert

“- Jane Banner: What do you think?
– Cory Lambert: I only know what the tracks say.”
Elizabeth Olsen – Jane Banner

Jeremy Renner – Cory Lambert

“Luck don’t live out here.”
Jeremy Renner – Cory Lambert

“Wolves don’t kill unlucky deer. They kill the weak ones. You fought for your life, Jane. And now you get to walk away with it.”
Jeremy Renner – Cory Lambert

“- Chip: Man, I get so mad. I wanna fight the whole world. You got any idea what that feels like?
– Cory Lambert: I do. But I decided to fight the feeling instead, ’cause I figured the world would win.”
Martin Sensmeier – Chip

Jeremy Renner – Cory Lambert