Plot – Walter Winchell is a journalist who works at the New York Mirror during the ’30s. He’s popular among his readers because he writes about celebrities’ secret relations and their private affairs. He starts a radio program too. The success starts to wane when Winchell supports McCarthy and when he starts accusing of communism whoever obstacles him.

Movie Info

Title Winchell

Year 1998

Director Paul Mazursky

GenreDrama, Romance, Biography

Top 4 Quotes of “Winchell” Movie

“Mr. Mayor, my column gave you this office, and it can take it away.”

Stanley Tucci – Walter Winchell

“The face of fear is coming. And when it comes, Walter, you’ll answer to no one, not even me.”

Christopher Plummer – Franklin D. Roosevelt

“- Walter Winchell: Hitler hates me. He hates me!
– News Seller: Yeah, well, Joe Stalin hasn’t sent me a Christmas card either.”

Stanley Tucci – Walter Winchell
Marshall Gitter – News Seller

“- Herman Klurfeld: But he’s Hitler! You’re only Walter Winchell.
– Walter Winchell: That’s where you’re wrong. I’m Walter Winchell, he’s only Hitler.”

Paul Giamatti – Herman Kurfeld
Stanley Tucci – Walter Winchell