Plot – In 1913 the Democrats wins the US presidential election with Thomas Woodrow Wilson. Four years later,the president decides the US have to participate to World War I.

Movie Info

Title Wilson

Year 1944

Director Henry King

GenreDrama, History, Romance, Music, Biography

Top 3 Quotes of “Wilson” Movie

“The President has nothing further to communicate. Good day, sir.” Alexander Knox – Woodrow Wilson

“- Edith Bolling Galt: That’s the last straw! You’ve got to do something about it. They’ve no right to say such things about you, even to win an election.
– Woodrow Wilson: They weren’t talking about me. That’s what they said about Abraham Lincoln when he was running for reelection in 1864.” Geraldine Fitzgerald – Edith Bolling Galt
Alexander Knox – Woodrow Wilson

“A weak and imbecile man, the weakest I’ve ever knew in a high place. If I wanted to paint a despot, a man perfectly regardless of every Constitutional right of the people, I would paint his hideous form”. Alexander Knox – Woodrow Wilson