Movie Info

Title Willy/Milly

Year 1986

Director Paul Schneider

GenreComedy, Fantasy

Top 2 Quotes of “Willy/Milly” Movie

“- Willy: Russia.
– Alfie: Russia?
– Willy: Maine.
– Alfie: Maine? Maine or Russia?
– Willy: I mean it’s in Maine… Russia, Maine. It’s a kind of a small place in the south-west-north-eastern part of the state, way back there.” Pamela Adlon – Willy Niceman
Eric Gurry – Alfie

“- Willy: This is a guy’s thing!
– Stephanie: It’s not your thing!
– Willy: Yes it is!
– Stephanie: Well, if it’s your thing, it’s not a guy’s thing!”

Pamela Adlon – Willy Niceman
Mary Tanner Bailey – Stephanie