Plot – Molly’s father was a famous football coach. Today Molly lives with her two children,she hates her ex-husband Frank and has the dream to become a football team coach like her father. Thanks to Darwell she has the chance to train the most infamous school team of the city. She’s white,small and blond,while the players are black,big and violent guys: it will be difficult for Molly to gain respect and to lead the guys to victory.

Movie Info

Title Wildcats

Year 1986

Director Michael Ritchie

GenreComedy, Sport

Top 5 Quotes of “Wildcats” Movie

“- Peanut: Man, how’d your folks let you get like this?
– Krushinski: Are you kidding? He probably ate his folks!” Rodney Hill – Peanut
Woody Harrelson – Krushinski

“Just remember: you can’t win a pissing contest with a prick.”

Swoosie Kurtz – Verna McGrath

“You owe me a new stop watch… you pussies!” Goldie Hawn – Molly McGrath

“- Marvel: Fuck you!
– Molly McGrath: Fuck you what?
– Marvel: Fuck you… Coach McGrath.
– Molly McGrath: Better.”

Willie J. Walton – Marvel
Goldie Hawn – Molly McGrath

“- Trumaine: Don’t worry baby, this my uncle’s car, he lets me borrow it whenever I want.
– Marvel: Oh yeah! Then why did you have to hot-wire it?!”

Wesley Snipes – Trumaine
Willie J. Walton – Marvel