Wild Things

Plot – Sam Lombardo is a respectable Florida high-school teacher who sees his life totally change when a student accuses him of rape. While the investigation is ongoing,another girl comes forward to report that she,too,was raped by Sam. Fortunately,Detective Duquette discovers the existence of a well-defined plan and that the case is not as simple as it appears.

Movie Info

Title Wild Things

Year 1998

Director John McNaughton

GenreDrama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery

Top 9 Quotes of “Wild Things” Movie

“Are you retarded, or just brain-dead from whiffing fumes out there in the swamp?” Denise Richards – Kelly Van Ryan

“- Ray Duquette: Why don’t we begin with a question? What is a sex crime?
– Jimmy Leach: Not gettin’ any!”

Kevin Bacon – Ray Duquette
Cory Pendergast – Jimmy Leach

Jesus! Where did she get the shoes? “Whores for less”? Denise Richards – Kelly Van Ryan

“- Suzie Toller: I’m scared, that’s what I’m scared, there’s no one to trust.
– Kelly Van Ryan: You can trust me.”

Neve Campbell – Suzie Toller
Denise Richards – Kelly Van Ryan

“So you’re the new chicken licker.” Robert Deacon – Prisoner

“- Art Maddox: It’s a Barracuda. If you weren’t so busy chasing booty at the yacht club, you could have caught one for yourself.
– Sam Lombardo: You aren’t going to eat that thing are you? It’s Barracuda, it’s poisonous, it’ll kill you.
– Art Maddox: Shit, man. I could say that about most of the girls you date.” Dennis Neal – Art Maddox
Matt Dillon – Sam Lombardo

“- Sam Lombardo: Kelly Van Ryan is accusing me of rape.
– Ken Bowden: Kelly Van Ryan? As in Sandra Van Ryan?
– Sam Lombardo: As in, I’m fucked.”

Matt Dillon – Sam Lombardo
Bill Murray – Ken Bowden

“- Sam Lombardo: You scared the shit out of me. Are you fuckin’ crazy?
– Kelly Van Ryan: Yeah, I’m crazy. Ask my mom.” Matt Dillon – Sam Lombardo
Denise Richards – Kelly Van Ryan

“People aren’t always what they appear to be. Don’t forget that.”

Kevin Bacon – Ray Duquette