Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Plot – Sonora Webster is an orphan who lives with her sister Arnette at their aunt’s during the Great Depression. The Aunt,because of her behavior and the financial difficulties,decides to send her to an orphanage. Sonora escapes and ends up at a county fair where she sees Marie performing as “diving girl”. Enraptured by the show she decides to seek work at Doc Carver’s.

Movie Info

Title Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Year 1991

Director Steve Miner

GenreDrama, Romance, Family

Top 6 Quotes of “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” Movie

“Sonora, you have to be extremely careful with your appearance. I mean, having no natural beauty of your own you really need to help yourself.”

Kathleen York – Marie

“- Doctor Carver: Can you shovel manure?
– Sonora: Manure just happens to be my speciality.”

Cliff Robertson – Doctor W.F. Carver
Gabrielle Anwar – Sonora Webster

“You are a human being and there are limitations. You can’t run away from it. You can’t hide from it and you can’t change it. It simply is.”

Michael Schoeffling – Al Carver

“I found my destiny, not in far off places but within myself.”

Gabrielle Anwar – Sonora Webster

“I am an actress! Not a circus performer! I am going to New York City. Next time you see me I am going to be a big star! And you will still be shoveling manure!”

Kathleen York – Marie

“I can do it because I can do anything!”

Gabrielle Anwar – Sonora Webster