Wild Card

Plot – This action thriller tells the story of Nick Wild,a gambler in rehab who decides to devote his life to the protection of those involved in the difficult world of gambling as a “chaperon”. His daily work takes a back seat when one of his girl-friends is brutally beaten by a dangerous gangster.

Movie Info

Title Wild Card

Year 2015

Director Simon West

GenreDrama, Crime, Thriller, Action

Top 7 Quotes of “Wild Card” Movie

“Being smart is the only defense I’ve ever had, but it’s not enough anymore.”

Michael Angarano – Cyrus Kinnick

“I can take care of things. That’s all you need to know.” Jason Statham – Nick Wild

“- Nick Wild: I lectured on economics at Yale. I can memorize the front pages of The New York Times in five minutes, and repeat it back to you in five weeks. I was National Golden Gloves champion three years in a row. I’m fluent in four languages, and can wrestle with a menu in five more.
– Cyrus Kinnick: Jesus!
– Nick Wild: Don’t interrupt me….”

Jason Statham – Nick Wild
Michael Angarano – Cyrus Kinnick

“I like blackjack a little more than I should.”

Jason Statham – Nick Wild

“I’ve been knocked down, blown up, lied to, shit on, and shot at. So nothing surprises me much anymore, except the things that people do to each other.”

Jason Statham – Nick Wild

– Cyrus Kinnick: Safety means much to me. I checked under every synonym for safety, but there was no ‘Nick Wild’.
– Nick Wild: Well, you should have tried between “chapels” and “charm schools.”

Michael Angarano – Cyrus Kinnick
Jason Statham – Nick Wild

“Dyin’ ain’t so bad. And at least I’ll be out of Las Vegas.”

Jason Statham – Nick Wild