Wild America

Plot – Thirty years ago,three young teenagers decided to explore the wild west. Widow Stouffler’s children faced unexplored landscapes using only a 16mm camera. They recorded an adventure which turned into a meaningful passage to adulthood. The three brothers weren’t naive and confronted all sorts of dangers too,strengthening their friendship and experiencing a natural,majestic and unpredictable habitat.

Movie Info

Title Wild America

Year 1997

Director William Dear

GenreComedy, Adventure, Family, Action

Top 5 Quotes of “Wild America” Movie

“- Sarah: [gesturing her body in a sexy behavior] Devonshire cream: the creamiest cream.
– Mark: They paid you for that?
– Sarah: It’s not so easy. You try it with a camera in your face, and a cow sniffing around your bum.”

Rachel Fowler – Sarah
Devon Sawa – Mark

“Mom, he’s fine, he just fell down a mountain.”

Scott Bairstow – Marty

“They were most dangerous when they had a camera in their hands. They had a camera in their hands a lot.” Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Marshall

“Grow up! And when you do, give us a call.” Anastasia Spivey – Donna Jo

“If you boys have been throwing any more firecrackers in my pool again, I’m gonna beat your butts until your nose bleeds!”

Frances Fisher – Agnes