Wide Awake

Plot – Joshua has recently lost his grandfather and tries to follow his footsteps dedicating to football. Unfortunately he has no success and his mind is troubled by spiritual matters. He will be answered in the most unexpected way.

Movie Info

Title Wide Awake

Year 1998

Director M. Night Shyamalan

GenreDrama, Comedy, Family

Top 4 Quotes of “Wide Awake” Movie

“Those are the kids in my class. Kids in uniforms don’t smile very much.”

Joseph Cross – Joshua Beal

“- Sister Terry: Every day at sunset you’d bow your head to the east and pray, is that right?
– Joshua Beal: Uh, I stopped that.
– Sister Terry: Okay, well what did you think about when you prayed?
– Joshua Beal: Nothing mostly. Sometimes, I’d wonder… what made that smell in the carpet?”

Rosie O’Donnell – Sister Terry
Joseph Cross – Joshua Beal

“- Joshua Beal: My question is about my aunt Denise. She’s not baptized, so that means she’s going to Hell right?
– Sister Terry: Uh, no, actually she’s not, Joshua.”

Joseph Cross – Joshua Beal
Rosie O’Donnell – Sister Terry

“Before this year, bullies were just bullies for no reason, weirdos were just weird, and daredevils weren’t afraid of anything. Before this year, people I loved lived forever. I spent this year looking for something and wound up seeing everything around me. It’s like I was asleep before and finally woke up. Know what? I’m wide-awake now.”

Joseph Cross – Joshua Beal