Who’s That Girl?

Plot – Serious and timid lawyer Louden Trott,the day before his wedding with Wendy,daughter of his boss Simon Worthington,receives from his future father-in-law two delicate assignments: to pick up a precious big cat,similar to a puma,and to take Nikki Finn,an odd thief,from prison to the bus for Philadelphia. The girl is wrongly accused of the murder of her boyfriend. She knows who actually killed him,but she does not know who the instigator is – the man that her deceased boyfriend was blackmailing. Nikki’s only desire is to rehabilitate herself by discovering the real culprit. Nikki and Louden spend a frantic day,involved in a series of dizzying adventures,including her petty thefts and harassment by some thugs. The big cat that is always following them is actually less of a problem because it promptly obeys when Nikki calls it. Although he has fallen in love with the strange girl,Louden decides to go ahead and marry his girlfriend. The morning of the wedding,he goes with Nikki to collect an envelope from the bank; he gives it to the girl,who leaves by coach,while the young man goes to the ceremony. Nikki finds the evidence that the instigator of the murder of her boyfriend is Simon Worthington. She rushes to the wedding and reveals everything in front of the guests,managing to send the offender to prison and to win the love of the young man.

Movie Info

Title Who’s That Girl?

Original title Who’s That Girl

Year 1987

Director James Foley

GenreComedy, Romance, Music

Top 6 Quotes of “Who’s That Girl?” Movie

“- Nikki Finn: Hey, a mall! Ha ha!… As long as we’re here, can we go in for a few seconds? I can’t go back to Philly without any presents for my mom – she thinks I’ve been shopping.
– Louden Trott: For four years?
– Nikki Finn: Mm-hmm. So I can’t exactly go back empty-handed, ’cause it isn’t very nice.”

Madonna – Nikki Finn
Griffin Dunne – Loudon Trott

“- Louden Trott: You’re a criminal, I’m a tax attorney! I’ll be alright here, I’m sure somebody’ll call the cops.
– Nikki Finn: They are the cops!
– Louden Trott: Maybe if I just explain…
– Nikki Finn: Explain what, Trott? That we were buyin’ four stolen semi-automatic weapons on your gold card?
– Louden Trott: Ok!” Griffin Dunne – Loudon Trott
Madonna – Nikki Finn

Cops stop me, they find Johnny in a lot of pieces in the back of my car. Judge called it a “crime of passion”. I liked Johnny, but not enough to kill him.

Madonna – Nikki Finn

“- Nikki Finn: Hey! You know what I think, huh? I think that you want to stay with me. Yeah. But you just can’t admit it.
– Louden Trott: You think that I’d want to stay with you? I mean, that I would actually want to stay with you? Do you believe this? Lady, I’m surprised your shadow keeps you company!”

Madonna – Nikki Finn
Griffin Dunne – Loudon Trott

“- Louden Trott: You’re lying.
– Nikki Finn: How do you know?
– Louden Trott: Your lips are moving.”

Griffin Dunne – Loudon Trott
Madonna – Nikki Finn

“- Nikki Finn: C’mon Lounde, haven’t you ever done anything you were proud of?
– Louden Trott: Well, I used to be really good at fencing.
– Nikki Finn: See? There you go. I knew ya’ had it in ya’.
– Louden Trott: Yeah, but of course my father would never come watch me.
– Nikki Finn: Why would your father wanna watch you turn over stolen goods?…”

Madonna – Nikki Finn
Griffin Dunne – Loudon Trott