Who’s Harry Crumb?


Movie Info

Title Who’s Harry Crumb?

Year 1989

Director Paul Flaherty

GenreComedy, Crime, Mystery

Top 9 Quotes of “Who’s Harry Crumb?” Movie

“- Mrs. MacIntyre: You are a poor excuse for a human being!
– Harry Crumb: Says you!”

Michele Goodger – Mrs. MacIntyre
John Candy – Harry Crumb

“My reputation precedes me. Otherwise I’d be late for all my appointments.”

John Candy – Harry Crumb

“- Harry Crumb: I’ve had my eye on you for a while, lady. I knew you were up to something, and here’s my proof: it was you who was having an affair with your husband all along!
– Mrs. MacIntyre: What?
– Harry Crumb: I’ve uncovered some pretty low schemes in my time. But secretly hiring me to take pornographic pictures of you and your sleazeball…” John Candy – Harry Crumb
Michele Goodger – Mrs. MacIntyre

“- Harry Crumb: What’s this? An egg?
– Eliot Draisen: It’s a pterodactyl egg. It’s fossilized. It’s 90 million years old. In the entire world, only two of these have ever been found.
– Harry Crumb: You know, that may be worth something.”

John Candy – Harry Crumb
Jeffrey Jones – Eliot Draisen

“- Helen Downing: I hate being poor.
– Vince Barnes: Agh… we’ve still got each other babe. They say our love won’t pay the rent; before its earned our money’s all been spent. I got you babe… woah, hey, now… I got you babe.” Annie Potts – Helen Downing
Tim Thomerson – Vince Barnes

“You know Nikki, you and I are a lot alike. We’re both travelling through life… in a car with no breaks!”

John Candy – Harry Crumb

“Back then, dinner and a movie might have gotten you into some girl’s panties, but it’s gonna take a lot more than that to get into mine.”

Annie Potts – Helen Downing

– Harry Crumb: I am Djour Djilios.
– Suki’s Salon Receptionist: Could you spell that please?
– Harry Crumb: I don’t think so. Try it with a “D”. John Candy – Harry Crumb
Brenda Crichlow – Suki’s Salon Receptionist

“- Nikki Downing: Look at her. Isn’t she perfect?
– Harry Crumb: Well, I wouldn’t say perfect. I mean, look at the size of her head. She must be enormous… But easy to find.”

Shawnee Smith – Nikki Downing
John Candy – Harry Crumb