White Palace

Plot – Max Baron is a twenty-seven-year-old Jew who works successfully in the world of advertising. His wife dies ans he goes through a crisis that makes him lose efficiency and creativity at work too. Now he’s no longer interested in his profession,in entertainments and in the people he used to go along with. One evening at a Jewish wedding party,he gets so bored that he goes to drink in a bar and meets Nora Baker,the forty-year-old waitress. They spend the night together and decide to date. They are two similar and unhappy souls,but differences like age,race,culture,social environment and living standards become soon the cause of Max’s embarrassments,until the man realizes he loves her seriously and he’s ready to leave his rewarding and lucrative job just to stay with her.

Movie Info

Title White Palace

Year 1990

Director Luis Mandoki

GenreDrama, Romance

Top 7 Quotes of “White Palace” Movie

“- Judy: I wanna know how you two met.
– Nora: I picked him up in a bar. How’s that?
– Max: I was drunk, and she was drunk, and I liked her looks so I convinced her to let me bring her home, and I seduced her on the sofa bed, and it was magic, and I keep coming back for more.”

Eileen Brennan – Judy
Susan Sarandon – Nora Baker
James Spader – Max Baron

“- Sherri: Our Max is quite a catch. How did you manage it?
– Nora: I give a good blowjob, I guess.
– Sherri: Hmm… I bet you do!
– Nora: And I bet you don’t.”

Barbara Howard – Sherri Klugman
Susan Sarandon – Nora Baker

“- Max: If I choose to be celibate, it’s none of your business.
– Neil: This isn’t celibacy we’re talking about, it’s fucking necrophilia!”

James Spader – Max Baron
Jason Alexander – Neil

“Wait a minute, we get naked with each other and touch each other and you get inside of me and you can’t tell me how much rent you pay? Your landlord knows, you’re not even fucking him.”

Susan Sarandon – Nora Baker

“- Nora: I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna say ‘Hello, my name is Nora and you can all go fuck yourselves, I’m not Janey’. How’s that?
– Max: Perfect.” Susan Sarandon – Nora Baker
James Spader – Max Baron

“- Max: All I know is that when I’m not with you I’m a total wreck.
– Nora: And when you are with me?
– Max: I’m a different kind of total wreck.”

James Spader – Max Baron
Susan Sarandon – Nora Baker

“- Max: What if I told you I have no interest in getting laid right now?
– Neil: Interest in getting laid is the human condition!”

James Spader – Max Baron
Jason Alexander – Neil