White Hunter Black Heart

Plot – American director John Wilson is beginning a new film in Africa which will allow him to pay his many debts. Producer Paul Landers is about to travel to Africa too with the actors and the whole crew. Wilson is already there with the young scriptwriter and friend Pete Verrill. Actually John is interested in hunting a big African elephant and thinks to affirm his courage even if he considers the killing of such an animal a real sin.

Movie Info

Title White Hunter Black Heart

Year 1990

Director Clint Eastwood

GenreDrama, Adventure

Top 10 Quotes of “White Hunter Black Heart” Movie

“It’s like I always tell you kid, you’ve got to fight when you think it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise, you feel like your gut’s full of puss. Even if you get the hell beat out of you, if you fight, you feel ok about it.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson

“Oh. I’ve never seen one before, outside the circus or the zoo. They’re so majestic. So indestructible. They’re part of the earth. They make us feel like perverse little creatures from another planet. Without any dignity. Makes one believe in God.” Jeff Fahey – Pete Verrill

“- John Wilson: How many chances does a man get?
– Ogilvy: That’s never a reason to do something wrong.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson
Conrad Asquith – Ogilvy

“People say Hollywood when they want to insult you. Well, really Hollywood is just a place where they make a profit. It’s a factory town like Detroit or Birmingham or Schaffhausen. Because the cheap element of the town has been so overly advertised it becomes an insult to remind a man he’s from there.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson

“Wake me up if we crash into the mountain. I wouldn’t want to miss that.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson

“Whores have to sell the one thing that shouldn’t be for sale in the world. And that’s love.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson

“We fought the preliminary for the kikes; now we’ll fight the main event for the niggers.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson

“You certainly have a way with words, Pete. No wonder you’re a writer.”

Timothy Spall – Hodkins

“Goodbye, you worthless son of a bitch. Goodbye, you pearl of Central East Africa. Goodbye, you lake flies. Goodbye, you flat-chested, bucktoothed women. Goodbye, forever.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson

“You mustn’t interrupt now, because you’re way too beautiful to interrupt people.”

Clint Eastwood – John Wilson