White Heat


Plot – Cody Jarret is the sadistic leader of a gang of thieves. He is an eccentric and violent man who constantly suffers from headaches and is morbidly attached to his mother. A member of the gang organizes him a trap and Cody gets arrested. When the man finds out that his girlfriend ran away and his mother was killed, Cody evades. An infiltrator escapes with him and manages to enter in the gang.

Movie Info

Title White Heat

Year 1949

Director Raoul Walsh


Top 5 Quotes of “White Heat” Movie

“- Cody Jarrett: You like the truck idea, huh?
– Trader Winston: Admirable. We might all profit by a closer study of classical literature.”
James Cagney – Cody Jarrett

Fred Clark – The Trader aka Winston

It’s always “somebody tipped them”. Never “the cops are smart”.
Virginia Mayo – Verna Jarrett

“Money’s just paper if you don’t spend it.”
Virginia Mayo – Verna Jarrett

“- Big Ed: It ain’t safe havin’ a crackpot givin’ orders. About time somebody took over.
– Cotton: Who, for instance?
– Big Ed: A very good friend of mine. Me.”
Steve Cochran – Big Ed Somers

Wally Cassell – Cotton Valletti

“- Roy Parker: You wouldn’t kill me in cold blood, would ya?
– Cody Jarrett: No, I’ll let ya warm up a little.”
Paul Guilfoyle – Roy Parker

James Cagney – Cody Jarrett