White God

Plot – Favoring purebred dogs,a new law levies a burdensome tax on mongrel dogs. Animal owners are beginning to abandon their mutts and kennels quickly become overcrowded. Thirteen-year-old Lili fights desperately to protect her dog Hagen. The measure seems cruel and senseless to her. She cannot even accept her father’s reasoning and is devastated when he eventually abandons Hagen in the street. Broken-hearted,Lili hates her father for making her betray her furry friend. Naively believing that love can overcome all difficulties,Lili seeks to find her dog and save it. Hagen also desperately tries to return home to Lili. Struggling to survive,Hagen soon realizes that not all people are dogs’ best friends. Wandering the streets,the former pet encounters a series of very dangerous situations.

Movie Info

Title White God

Original title Fehér isten

Year 2014

Director Kornél Mundruczó

GenreDrama, Thriller

Top 4 Quotes of “White God” Movie

“Tannhäusser spoke of love, you cannot understand because you are heartless.”

Zsófia Psotta – Lili

“There’s two hungry dogs, you and me.”

János Derzsi – Homeless

“It’s difficult to lose someone you love. But things do not turn always as you want.”

Sándor Zsótér – Dániel

“You’re the one who teach us to lie or to play the trumpet?”

Zsófia Psotta – Lili