White Chicks

Plot – Two young police officers,Marcus and Kevin,become FBI agents despite a lot of professional failures. Their personal lives aren’t going very well too: Kevin is a single man who desires a happy marriage,but he dedicates himself only to chance meetings. Marcus’ marriage is difficult indeed as his wife is very jealous and she calls him on the phone every moment. Their lives seem to fall apart when a bizarre mission gives them the right boost to win back confidence in themselves: they have to dress up like women to investigate high society people.

Movie Info

Title White Chicks

Year 2004

Director Keenen Ivory Wayans

GenreComedy, Crime

Top 17 Quotes of “White Chicks” Movie

Your mother’s ass is so hairy, it looks like Don King’s about to pop out and say, “Only in America”!

Anne Dudek – Tiffany Wilson

“Triple T. K. A., time to totally kick ass!” Marlon Wayans – Marcus Copeland
Shawn Wayans – Kevin Copeland

“My doctor totally messes up my nose job. I ask him to make me looked like Gwyneth Paltrow, I get off the surgery table looking life freakin’ Shrek.”

Shawn Wayans – Kevin Copeland

“I am so… frickin’… pissed!”

Anne Dudek – Tiffany Wilson

“Hi I’m Cellulite Sally; look at my huge ba-donkey. Don’t forget about me, I’m Backfat Betty. Now who could have said that? Oh yeah, it’s Tina the Talking Tummy.”

Jennifer Carpenter – Lisa

“- Tori: I am so glad I got waxed today.
– Karen: Ugh, me too. What did you get?
– Tori: The Bald Eagle.
– Karen: I got the Bermuda Triangle.
– Lisa: The Landing Strip.
– Marcus Copeland: [as Tiffany Wilson] I got the Buckwheat.”

Jessica Cauffiel – Tori
Busy Philipps – Karen
Jennifer Carpenter – Lisa
Marlon Wayans – Marcus Copeland

Take good care of him, oh, and teach him how to say “Yo quiero Taco Bell”. Kay? Marlon Wayans – Marcus Copeland

“- Kevin Copeland: I’m gonna have a BF!
– Marcus Copeland: Oh, my God, she’s gonna have a bitch fit!”

Kevin Copeland – Kevin Copeland
Marcus Copeland – Marcus Copeland

“Once you go black, you gonna need a wheelchair.”

Terry Crews – Latrell Spencer

“- Kevin Copeland: I wanna speak to your supervisor! Better yet, I’m gonna write a letter!
– Marcus Copeland: You, are in big trouble!
– Kevin Copeland: Dear Mister Royal Hampton. I am a white woman, in America.”

Shawn Wayans – Kevin Copeland
Marlon Wayans – Marcus Copeland

“Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me!”

Steven Grayhm – Russ – Party Boy

“Your mother’s so stupid she exercises when she could just get like, liposuction or something!”

Jaime King – Heather Vandergeld

“Your mother’s so old that her breast milk is powdered.”

Marlon Wayans – Marcus Copeland

– Purse Snatcher: Jesus, lady! All this for just a hand bag?
– Kevin Copeland: It’s not “just” a hand bag. It’s Prada!

Marshall Virtue – Purse Snatcher
Shawn Wayans – Kevin Copeland

Oh my God. You want to talk about mothers? You wanna talk about mothers! It’s mother time, okay! Your mother’s so dumb she went to Dr Dre for a Pap smear! “Something’s wrong, Dr Dre! My coochie’s doing a beatbox!”.

Shawn Wayans – Kevin Copeland

“Hasta la vista Schwarzenegro.”

Marlon Wayans – Marcus Copeland

“- Latrell Spencer: Oh the deception. The betrayal. Man you deceived me.
– Marcus Copeland: Look man.
– Latrell Spencer: Negro please. Didn’t any one tell you that this was an all white party, huh? Someone get this jiggaboo away from me.”

Terry Crews – Latrell Spencer
Marlon Wayans – Marcus Copeland